Making the challenges facing outdoor adventure and survival enthusiasts seem both surmountable and rewarding, Arcway’s new and enhanced Survival Canteen: Fire + Water™ is the ideal provision for rugged durability and lifesaving dependability.

Designed for tough durability through life’s adventures.™

When it’s time to start a fire with a Leave-No-Trace principle, the Firebox Folding Stove cannot be beat thanks to its outstanding versatility and portability. The Firebox is a small, collapsible stove constructed of strong stainless steel, specifically designed to allow for the burning of both wood and man-made fuels (alcohol cans, sterno cans, fuel tablets, etc.). Even better, the Firebox Stove can be quickly and easily folded and placed into its dedicated Heavy-Duty Cordura D-Ring travel case when ready to move.

In case you need a few sparks to get your fire going, Arcway’s Survival Canteen: Fire + Water™ includes a Four Seasons Survival Spark-Lite pack, proven through years of military testing to help start a fire under the most adverse conditions. To keep your fire going as long as you need it, Arcway includes an exclusive line of Fatwood chips in every kit. Known as nature’s natural fire starter and composed of 80% resin, Fatwood chips are tailored to provide instant sustainability for a durable fire - a necessity for any survivalist.

Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, the next generation in our Survival Canteen Kit series features a premium 40 oz. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle to help keep you hydrated longer. The Kanteen’s resilient 18/8 grade stainless steel is naturally BPA-free and allows for superior cleaning and water filtration operation while in the field - making sure your water stays clean and fresh. The Kanteen’s robust single-wall stainless steel also offers extreme durability for continuous field use and is safe for boiling and sanitizing water.

Cooking at camp will be a breeze with the resilient 25 oz. TOAKS Titanium Cup, composed of strong and super lightweight titanium metal and perfect for outdoor cooking, cleaning and general versatility. The Titanium Cup features graduated measurements and is accompanied by a lid for indispensable heat retention during campfire cooking and afterwards. When it’s time to pack up, the Klean Kanteen nests perfectly inside the Titanium Cup.

To keep your Survival Canteen: Fire + Water™ system safe and secure, Arcway uses a rugged MOLLE Canteen Pouch that is lightweight, multifunctional and most importantly - reliable. Don’t miss the Arcway Can & Bottle Opener also included in every pack.

Survival Canteen: Fire + Water