Whether venturing outdoors for a short excursion or embarking on your next grand adventure, Arcway’s Survival Canteen: Basics™ has you covered. As the first edition in Arcway’s survival kit series, the Survival Canteen: Basics™ includes everything you need to ensure a safe trip.

Perfect for beginners and regular outdoorsmen alike, Arcway’s Survival Canteen series offers a dependable outdoor companion for most essential outdoor needs. The Basics survival kit comes with a reusable 32 oz. GI Water Canteen made of HDPE BPA-free plastic, guaranteed to keep your water clean and tasting fresh.

The canteen is nestled inside a 16 oz. 18-gauge Stainless Steel Nesting Cup, perfect for cooking meals and sanitizing clean water while in the field. The stainless steel cup is lightweight, durable and includes extendable locking handles for easy use.

The entire survival kit is housed in a MOLLE Canteen Pouch with a modular design allowing for the addition of optional accessories and easy attachment. Available in black, ACU, and Multicam® colors, the rugged pouch design will protect your equipment from the elements while offering you extra storage.

Even more, the canteen pouch can easily stay at your side with its handmade Paracord Sling attachment. Woven from forty-five feet of 550 Type III Paracord rope, the sling can be undone into seven separate cords to provide practically limitless usage whenever needed. As one of the most unique aspects of the Survival Canteen: Basics™ System, the inclusion of the Paracord Sling helps make this kit stand out from the crowd as an indispensable piece of outdoor survival gear.

Not to leave anything to chance, the kit also includes a complete Coleman® All Purpose First Aid Tin consisting of twenty-seven pieces of quality provisions to aide you in most medical situations.

To make sure you have all the tools you need, the survival kit also includes a signature Arcway Can & Bottle Opener.

Arcway’s Survival Canteen: Basics™ offers everything you need for safe and adventurous outdoor exploration. All parts are washable and reusable, apart from the first aid kit which must be refilled separately.

Survival Canteen: Basics

    • 32 oz. GI Water Canteen: HDPE, BPA-free Plastic, 100% recyclable, made in USA
    • Handmade, Adjustable Paracord Sling: 45 feet of invaluable 550 Paracord (easily disassembled in emergency situation)
    • 16 oz. 18/8 Stainless Steel Nesting Cup:  lightweight multi-use nesting cup
    • Coleman® All Purpose First Aid Tin:  27 piece kit of essential provisions
    • MOLLE Canteen Pouch: rugged and adaptable with storage
    • Arcway Can & Bottle Opener
    • Camping
    • Hiking
    • Survival
    • Outdoor Excursions