The Arcway EnduraSling™: Basics Paracord Survival Shoulder Strap featuring Chon Utility Knife is not your typical survival tool. It's a second skin.

Utilizing a natural suspension system to evenly distribute the weight of your gear across your body, the EnduraSling™ Paracord Survival Shoulder Strap is the first survival tool of its kind. No need to continue compromising with imperfect weight distribution options carried in awkward backpacks, vests, or belts.

The EnduraSling™ Paracord Survival Shoulder Strap was custom-designed to maximize the benefits of these traditional carry options while eliminating the inefficiencies. Meant to minimize bulk and stand up to the toughest conditions, the EnduraSling’s unique natural suspension system allows you to be faster and lighter while keeping mission critical provisions as close as possible.

Engineered for ruggedness and dependability, it is the ideal companion for regular field use and outdoor excursions. Whether outdoors for hiking, camping, outings, military/law enforcement training, or any other outdoor activity, the EnduraSling™ won’t let you down.

Adjustable Paracord Sling
The EnduraSling™ Shoulder Strap adapts to your shape and your individual needs. Specially-designed and commissioned for Arcway Industries by The Paracord Guy, the sling is composed of 9 intersecting 550 type III paracord ropes braided into 38.375” of strong cobra weave. As one of the strongest and most durable roping materials available, the 90 feet of interwoven paracord can provide an invaluable resource in any emergency.

Extension Packs
To offer a tailored fit, two universal extensions are included with the EnduraSling™ Shoulder Strap.

  • The Adult Pack (extending from 25.75” to 5.25”)
  • The Junior Pack (extending from 16.25” to 5.25”)

The design of the sling accommodates several attachments and offers multiple carrying options so that your sling can easily be adapted to your individual needs.

Spark-Lite Fire Starters and Fatwood Chips
Whether in need of light or heat, Arcway’s fire set will get sparks flying with a Four Seasons Survival Spark-Lite pack, proven through years of military testing to help start a fire under the most adverse conditions. To keep your fire going as long as you need it, Arcway includes an exclusive line of Fatwood chips in every kit. Known as nature’s natural fire starter and composed of 80% resin, Fatwood chips are tailored to provide instant sustainability for a durable fire - a necessity in many situations.

Basic Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit
Even if left outdoors, there’s no need to go hungry. The world renowned Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit includes everything that you need (like fishing line, bait, hooks, jigs, etc.) to fish in various environments, all contained in a small, waterproof tin.

The EnduraSling is a universal width that accommodates of many different types of attachments directly onto the product. In this survival kit, we start you off with a multifunctional MOLLE pouch. Available in coyote or olive drab colors, the pouch includes several pockets for valuable storage of most provisions.

EnduraSling: Basics

    • Handmade, adjustable Paracord Sling: 90 feet of invaluable 550 Paracord
    • Universal Extensions: Delivering a tailored fit to your needs
    • Kydex® Sheath: Ambidextrous, Live Memory Secure Lock, Belt Clip
    • Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit: Indispensable provisions in a water-tight Tin
    • Spark-Lite Fire Starter Kit:  Easily start a fire in challenging conditions
    • Fatwood Chips: Approx. 1 oz. of nature’s fire starter with 80% resin for proven fire performance
    • Arcway Can & Bottle Opener
    • MOLLE Pouch: Rugged and adaptable storage
    • Camping
    • Hiking
    • Survival
    • Extreme Sports
    • Outdoor Excursions
    • Climbing
    • Law Enforcement
    • Military